Active membership is open to any sworn or employed person or volunteer by or for a governmental agency, public safety/emergency services, or supporting such an agency (this includes all branches of the military) who is currently assigned to a tactical unit as a tactical EMS provider within the State of Kentucky or any active TEMS and RTF Instructor. A tactical unit may consist of any type of Emergency Response Team: Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT), Special Emergency Response Team (SERT), Corrections Emergency Response Team (CERT), Special Response Team (SRT), Rescue Task Force (RTF), 3-EHCO (Enter-Evaluate-Evacuate), Tactical Rescue Group (TRG) and/or Emergency Response Unit (ERU). Those teams primary objectives are to handle terrorist threats or incidents, mass casualty incidents and or any high risk operation or raid including but not limited to barricaded persons, hostage situation, dignitary protection, riot control, and/or high risk search warrants. Active members shall have voting privileges for matters concerning the organization and access to training opportunities.

Dues = currently no dues will be charged for Active Membership