Casualty Simulation Moulage

KYTEMS seeks to provide some of the most realistic training possible. Casualty simulation moulage and special effects add to the experience of a student and assist in building what has been termed by some military medical trainers as battlefield inoculation. KYTEMS has the instructional resource capability to teach a new or current moulage artist the skills and techniques needed to provide effective casualty simulation moulage in order to become part of the KYTEMS Moulage team or to support other emergency services and military response agencies outside of Kentucky. Students will learn how to create high fidelity simulated injuries which will include bruises, burns, lacerations, gunshot wounds, blast injuries, impalements, compound fractures and eviscerations. Students learn to create simulated accurate blood spatter evidence and placement of blast zone debris. Working with and coordinating role players along with role player safety is also covered. KYTEMS moulage instructors have extensive training, education and experience in casualty simulation moulage and have supported local, state, federal and military exercises and community and educational institution exercises. The length of this training varies.