TEMS Leadership Seminar

KYTEMS offers a leadership seminar for TEMS providers and other EMS professionals. The seminar focuses on a number of key attributes possessed by effective leaders. We examine Character (Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, Personal Courage, Empathy, The Warrior Ethos); Intellectual Capacity (Mental Agility; Sound Judgment, Innovation, Interpersonal Tact,  Domain Knowledge); Presence (Professional Bearing, Health and Fitness, Physical Fitness, Confidence, Resilience); Leading (Leading Others, Extending Influence Beyond the Chain of Command,  Leading by Example, Communication); Developing (Creating a Positive Environment, Preparing Self, Developing Others); Achieving (Providing Direction, Guidance and Priorities, Developing and Executing Plans & Accomplishing Missions, Competencies Applied for Success); What a Leader Is, What a Leader Does, Qualities of Effective Leaders, Strategic Leadership (Leading and Inspiring Institutional Change, Strategic vs. Operational vs. Tactical Leadership); Leadership in Crisis, Organizational Leadership Failures, Adaptive Leadership, Detached Leadership, Growing Leaders, Anointed and Appointed Leaders, Retention, Team Building, Building Trust with our TEMS partners, suicide prevention, and finally examine a leadership example known as “The World War 2 Platoon Sergeant’s rules”. What will the TEMS profession do to develop its future leaders? Training, education, mentoring, gaining experience, professionalization will all play a part but leadership will make the difference.

KYTEMS Instructors for this seminar either currently hold or have held positions of leadership from first line leaders to agency heads including leading in military, law enforcement and EMS organizations and includes a presenter who led a national level agency program.