The goal of the KYTEMS Immediate Responder training program is to enable participants to successfully integrate their internal organizational response to an Active Hostile Event (AHE) with Law Enforcement Contact Teams, the Rescue Task Force and ultimately Mass Casualty Response. Immediate Responders are members of an organization (church, educational institution, industrial site, health care facility or business) who find themselves to be immediately on scene at an AHE that has or is occurring in their place of employment or worship. Immediate Responders treat, stabilize, and may move the injured to cover or to a concealed position. This eight hour program incorporates an overview of potential threat modalities and history with case studies,  introduction to law enforcement contact team and RTF operations, Immediate Responder medical care based on TECC principles, M.A.R.C.H.E. principals, injuries to other body systems and treatment modalities, assessment and care of adult and pediatric patients including special needs patients, Immediate Responder mass casualty triage, rescue movement techniques and equipment, MCI operations, communications, accountability, planning for active hostile events, actions on contact with a hostile threat, and 4 hours of multiple evolutions of simulated Immediate Responder operations which involve, highly accurately moulaged role players, special effects (auditory, visual, olfactory overload inoculation) in changing scenarios with course AAR’s throughout the exercise process. The scenario portion of the training has uses both indoor and outdoor locations. This training does not replace ALICE nor SAFER training. Instead, it allows participants to greatly enhance the medical and rescue aspects of their internal organizational response.